Jess is very talented. She has an exceptional gift for storytelling, combining powerful wordsmithing with the ability to connect empathically with people - both subjects and audiences. She works quickly and flexibly, developing an instant rapport with clients and partners, and turns work out to a consistently high standard.
— Mark Funnell, Head of Communications, Forestry Commission
Jess transformed a complex and technical report into engaging and highly accessible language. Thank you for helping us cut through the jargon and reach out to a much wider audience!
— Heather Elgar, Manager, West of England Nature Partnership
I was lucky enough to work with hummingbird copy when Jess wrote our programme copy for Shambala Festival. Jess had a good understanding of our company’s style. I provided some raw info for each of our programme acts. Jess wrote something marvellous, outrageous and hilarious all in the right places. It was clear in the copy that a lot of research had gone into each act. A lot of people have commented on how good it was. Jess completely nailed the brief as well as being wonderful to work with.
— Donna Portman, Producer, Compass Presents
The support that Jess gave us to create a tone of voice for Womankind really made a difference to getting our new website right. It focused the team and enabled us to create a clear, consistent message about who we are and what we offer.
— Suzi Brooke, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Womankind
Jess is superb to work with. Excellent communication and quality of work. The attention to detail is what makes Jess stand out from other copywriters and editors. Thank you!
— Damon Mahoney, Senior Designer, Forestry Commision England
Cables&Cameras had a good experience working with hummingbird copy.

Jess took time to listen and understand the concept of a new BAME film night in Bristol. She supported our vision, and was professional throughout the process.

We highly recommend hummingbird copy to anyone looking for copywriting services.
— Gary Thompson, Founder, Cables&Cameras
Very pleased that we decided to work with hummingbird copy on our tone of voice as it has already paid off before we’ve even launched Multi-Track!

The workshop was clearly well prepared for and was a really useful exercise which allowed us to blurt everything out and come away with something that’s not only concise but better than we had could have imagined.

The guideline resource we now have in place is both reassuring and empowering for the team, allowing us to move forward independently and confidently. We’ve had many superlatives used from senior colleagues in reaction to the work produced which couldn’t be a better endorsement from our perspective.

We would strongly recommend Jess if your abundance of ideas need a coherent story to exist and evolve within.
— Owen Parry, Creative Producer, Bristol Music Trust
I would like to say a massive thank you to Jess Neill from hummingbird copy who planned and delivered a tone of voice workshop for Saffron Records.

It was a seriously engaging and creative workshop. I came away thinking very visually, creatively and confidently about the label. I felt able to communicate more clearly and had more belief in myself and what I am trying to achieve.
— Laura Lewis-Paul, Creative Director, Saffron Records
Jessica has a wonderful knack of getting behind a story to develop interesting copy that reaches out to the audience. Her ability to understand people and read situations brings truth and personality to her writing. She is capable of adapting her style to meet the objective of any creative brief. Highly recommended.
— Alice Cheyne, Internal Communications Manager, Forestry Commission
Jess is warm, and insightful - she really gets to the heart of the message you want to communicate. Working with her has helped me gain greater clarity, and significantly improved how I express what it is I do. As a writer, Jess is very eloquent and has the ability to succinctly communicate ideas that are not easy to put into words. I would highly recommend her!
— David Bowerman, Coach and Therapist, David Bowerman Three Principles Coaching and Therapy
I asked hummingbird copy for help writing copy to promote an unusual conceptual art project. Without much directing, Jess was able to get to grips with the idea and fulfil the brief in a very effective way.
— Hank Rossi, Artist, Silverbus
Jessica writes the copy and blog for my website. I am always amazed at how she captures the message I want to give to my readers and how she honours my voice when writing the words.

I often struggle with finding the ‘right words’ so discovering hummingbird copy and working with Jess ongoing has been a real god send! Her ability to take my original thoughts and ponderings (often vague feelings or pictures) and communicate them beautifully and with clarity is something I value incredibly and why I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking for a copywriter who is highly professional, driven and sensitive to their clients’ needs, especially when honouring their authentic voice.

Having Jess as my copywriter has boosted views of my website and blog, playing a vital role in my businesses development and bringing in new clients all the time.
— Sophie Fagan, Holisitic Massage Therapist, Sophie Fagan Holisitic Massage
Jess has an amazing gift to capture the essence of who you are and what you do in words that are authentic and grounded. It’s almost like she can hear your heart song and she puts the ‘lyrics’ in that melody. I value working with Jess and trust the service she provides. Grateful to have worked with her on my website. It won’t be the last time.
— DJ Reyes, Career Coach and Facilitator, Light Paths
Jess is professional, clear and understands intrinsically what I want to convey and, more importantly, how to say it. I could not recommend hummingbird copy more.
— Chris Hardy, DJ and Events Organiser, Papa Moomin
I called on Jessica to edit a press release for my crowdfunding campaign because the original writing was not picked up by local press in Bristol. Jessica responded to my request straight away.

She re-wrote the press release, gave it a catchy new title and got in touch with her contacts. The new press release was instantly seen by the people that mattered and news of my campaign was published, reaching a much greater audience.

Without Jessica’s help I wouldn’t have been successful with my crowdfunding campaign.
— Ibi Feher, Documentary Photographer, East Street Tales