Case study: Saffron Records

Saffron Records is Bristol's first female-only record label for young women aged 16 – 24. 

Creative Director, Laura Lewis-Paul, had a strong sense of Saffron Records' ethos but - on the cusp of launch for both the label and its associated apprenticeship scheme - needed help consolidating it into a concise and easy-to-communicate format.

Our approach was threefold.

First, we delivered a carefully-tailored workshop and developed the label's tone of voice guidance.

Then, when the apprentices were in role, we workshopped the guidance to make sure they understood it and felt confident communicating on the label's behalf.  

Finally - once the artists were signed - we did a third and final workshop linking tone of voice for communication to the voice of the female artist.

Working closely with Saffron Records from conception to real-world delivery, hummingbird copy helped to develop the vision, core values and personality that have become the bedrock of the label's culture.

Its brand identity and artistic output are strong, and continue to go from strength to strength.

See the Saffron Records tone of voice.

I would like to say a massive thank you to Jess Neill of hummingbird copy who planned and delivered a tone of voice workshop for Saffron Records.

It was a seriously engaging and creative workshop. I came away thinking very visually, creatively and confidently about the label. I felt able to communicate more clearly and had more belief in myself and what I am trying to achieve.
— Laura Lewis-Paul, Creative Director