Case study: Multi-Track

Multi-Track is a targeted programme of support for emerging artists in UK underground music.

The programme's co-ordinators had a strong sense of Multi-Track's identity, but were unsure of how best to communicate it. 

Through delivery of a tailored workshop designed to elicit Multi-Track's mission, vision, values, and personality, hummingbird copy distilled the programme's ethos into a creative and considered tone of voice.

The Multi-Track team now has a concise set of guidelines that give the people writing on its behalf a clear steer on what to say, how to say it, and why.

See the Multi-Track tone of voice.

Very pleased that we decided to work with hummingbird copy on our tone of voice as it has already paid off before we’ve even launched Multi-Track!

The workshop was clearly well prepared for and was a really useful exercise which allowed us to blurt everything out and come away with something that’s not only concise but better than we had could have imagined.

The guideline resource we now have in place is both reassuring and empowering for the team, allowing us to move forward independently and confidently. We’ve had many superlatives used from senior colleagues in reaction to the work produced which couldn’t be a better endorsement from our perspective.
— Owen Parry, Creative Producer - Artist Development, Bristol Music Trust