Feet first into freelancing

I did it. After over five years in government communications I recently took the plunge, made the leap, jumped feet first into a freelance copywriting career. "Are you mad?" I hear you say. Probably, but the freedom, excitement and potential for change more than make up for any security forsaken.

Of course there are challenges. But if you have the skills and you're prepared to graft then you're ready to go it alone. It's that simple.

I got back from Jamaica a few weeks ago, where I was making a documentary about home. Since then - as well as working with a valued client - I've immersed myself in the teachings of other freelancers. Their lessons are invaluable and I'd like to share a few of my favourites.

  1. How to create ad-copy that sizzles. There are hundreds of helpful acronyms out there, many of them geared towards getting you to put yourself in your readers' shoes. Here Jessica Swanson runs through the AIDA method: grab their attention; get them interested; appeal to their desires; ask them to take action.
  2. 15 blogs for freelance copywriters to run to when they need answers. Nuff said.
  3. This video is great. Lots of useful tips for all freelancers here.

This isn't an exhaustive account of all available hints and tips, just a brief overview of a few I've found helpful. Maybe you'll find them helpful too.